Chips Creek


2.6 miles  200' elevation gain

best season: 
but not if snow below:

1:00 drive

dogs welcome

burned in Dixie Fire 2021

This hike starts in the immense Feather River Canyon, and goes up steeply for 4 short switchbacks, and then follows a level route created long ago by miners. 

There is a secluded campsite for Pacific Crest Trail travelers as they prepare for a nearly 5000' climb, and flood-polished metamorphic rock for dayhikers to rest on and admire the creek.

This is low elevation, despite having big mountains all around, and is snow-free most of the winter.  CalTrans has a webcam higher up the canyon, and if it is snow-free there it should be snow-free at this hike.

Chips Creek flower guides edition
late March 2013
early April 2013
late April 2013
early May 2013
late May 2013

Grass has prickly seeds in late May and June

This hike is in Plumas National Forest; owned by the public, managed by Plumas National Forest. Backpacking welcomed; campfires welcomed except late Summer & early Fall.

Emerald Pool campsite

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Street View of trailhead

Maps  Apr 2021 edition

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KML track of hike