Phantom Falls cross-country loop


6.6 miles   850' elevation gain   season:  Nov-Apr   drive: 0:35


Phantom Falls


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Sorry, no horses or bicycles.
Dogs OK on leash.
Phantom Falls
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Phantom Falls is one of the prettiest in California, but it is hard to get to. Flows from first series of storms in fall and into spring. 

This hike visits 5 other waterfalls, too. 

Expect to see grazing cattle; they are generally safe, but give the occasional bull some space. 

Wildflowers best late Feb-April.  Be sure to take our flower guide on your smartphone or printed into 4x6" photocards.

The short stretch of trail to the top of Hollow Falls is narrow on on a cliff.  It is not especially dangerous, but if you have a fear of heights you won't like it.

GPS recommended.  Sunlight best on falls in early afternoon (many are facing west, and are in shade in the morning).

We measured the falls as 164'  (during the dry season with a tape measure from the lip of the falls to the high waterline in the plunge pool)

Try our new KMZ map to have your progress displayed on the map (works on some Garmin models, works in Google Earth, and other KMZ readers).