Feather Falls semi-loop


8.8 miles   1450' elevation gain   season:  Oct-May   drive: 1:05


Viewing Platform at Feather Falls


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Dogs and horses welcome. 



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This is the most popular of the Valley/Foothill hikes.  The upper trail is wide, smooth, and easy.  The lower trail is shorter, but steep on the way out.  The viewing platform is safe, but scary.

The waterfall is an impressive 415' high*  Fall River has good flow throughout the year, unlike many California waterfalls that are greatly reduced in summer and fall.

Not recommended if snow is below 3,000' elevation.

Fall color best in November.  Flowers best in April




* plus or minus 5'    See composite photo of measurement.
Contrary to some claims by the US Forest Service dating back to at least the 1960s, the falls are not the 6th highest in the US, and are not 640' high.  This erroneous number has been repeated countless times in textbooks, travel brochures, trail guides, and on the web.

Our measurement has now been confirmed (410') by Waterfalls West using a different technique.