Magee Peak from Magee


7.0 miles  2,550' elevation gain

best season: 

2:10 drive

dogs welcome

This trail gets down to business right away, and never lets up until you reach the top. The beginning is through featureless mixed conifer forest.  Two thirds of the way up you reach a ridge, and start to get big views.  The trees become gnarled whitebark pines. Look for Clarks Nutcrackers (like a large gray/black jay) feeding on whitebark cones.  On the summit is a magnificent vista in all directions 

The ambitious can follow the ridge from Magee out to the still-higher Crater Peak.  One can find an old trail in places, or just follow the ridge to an easy scramble to the top

For the maps, we link you to the maps provided by our sister website, the Thousand Lakes Hiking Association

Not really good any good campsite on this hike.  To climb Magee Peak on an overnight hike do it from Tamarack Trailhead and camp at one of the lakes.

This hike is in Thousand Lake Wilderness Wilderness; owned by the public, managed by Lassen National Forest. Backpacking welcomed; campfires welcomed.

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